Xiaobing Zhou, Urban Design, RC11 2017

Climatic Cloud City

‘Microclimate’ is the micro perspective of climatology and has a continuous and constant impact on hu-man settlements. ‘Climatic Clouding City’ summarizes the basic concept of microclimates, and what constitutes their basic elements in order to explore the relative relationship of each element in an urban environment. Through the field investigation and research of East Tilbury, the corresponding de-sign viewpoint of optimized microclimates in the design project ‘Climatic Clouding City’ is concluded.

‘Climatic Clouding City‘ is aiming to own the weather within the city by manipulating primary micro-climate factors, such as solar radiation, temperature, humidity and wind. Whilst promoting the contexts of living and working space together, it uses Bata town as the prototype for this new living pattern. In ‘Climatic Clouding City’, each type of service system will require disparate environmental conditions or provide different types of climatic environments. To some extent, ‘Pump House’, ‘Palace of Electricity’, ‘Casino of Making’, ‘Green Village’ and ‘Spring House’ all present different service systems. Moreover, in order to design these services, microclimate factors are the essential simulate and analysis direction of the project. Therefore, the adaptability of the climatic environment will assume a central role in the city planning in 2090, which will be positioned under the theme of addressing the effect of the ‘heat island’ and ‘climate change’.

Federica Terenzi, Urban Design, RC11 2017

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BPro Show 2017

RC11 exhibition at the BPro Show in Ocotber 2017.

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Stephanie He, Urban Design, RC11 2016

Silver Lining – Inhabiting a disused ol reffinery in Essex.