Chloe Woodhead, Year 4, PG13 2021

DO (NOT) ERASE A  Radical Recording and Register of Intangible Heritage

A Radical Recording and Register of Intangible Heritage. The project aims to redefine the traditional model of a museum. The site is based in East Tilbury, an ex-company town that now remains a commuter town to London. East Tilbury’s remarkable history is fueled by its unusual and radical societal way of living- the company town model. The unique heritage of East Tilbury is not physical but intangible; and so new methods of making a museum have been explored which begin to suggest how to preserve an intangible social heritage. The method involves erosion and mark making via the communities interaction with the architecture, specifically chalk, a local building material. During the erosion over time, spaces of rest and pause are revealed which encourage the community to converse and interact and in doing so, social heritage is recorded and preserved. There are spaces of sharing and playing with market stalls, classrooms and social areas as well as a public archive at the buildings core.

UG1 Summer Exhibition

2015 Summer Exhibition at the Bartlett School of Architecture.