Eleni Pourdala, Urban Design, RC11 2017

New Pilot Cities in the Thames Estuary

Eleni Vagianou, Urban Design, RC11 2017

Essex Homelands – Inhabiting a Memory Landscape

Maria Prodromou, Urban Design, RC11 2017

The East Tilbury Living Pool

David Guerrero Valenzuela, Urban Design, RC11 2017

Scavenger City Tilbury, Essex

Stephen Pearcy, Urban Design, RC11 2017

Hydroponic Landscape, East Tilbury

Daniela Gonzalez-Badillo,Urban Design, RC11 2016

Garden City V2.0

The Garden City V2.0 is a guideline to self-build a city. The notion of self-build is understood as setting out all the structural and or-ganizational frameworks of the new settlement (political, economic, social) and the physical construction of the city. Therefore, the guide-line is presented as a system divided by its theoretical and physical components. The theoretical framework is based on the principles of the Garden City which work as social and economic mechanisms.

Although it seems to allow a lot of freedom and adaptability to the user, the system has to be naturally limited by certain constraints or one can say assembled by certain rules. Rules provide a framework that is flexible and adaptable and it can be in filled by all sort of irregularities.

Asbjorn Jessen, Urban Design, RC11 2016

Living IN and OFF the landscape, East Tilbury, Essex

Silt inhabitation within man-made mud islands in the Thames Estuary.